Functional Variants in FOXO3A

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The main focus of this project is to identify and characterize functional variants in the forkhead transcription factor gene FOXO3A. The association of markers in FOXO3A with human longevity has recently been validated in a case-control association study by our group. To detect hitherto unknown genetic variation, FOXO3A is subjected to an in-depth exploration by re-sequencing of the whole gene with special emphasis on potentially functional regions. Variants of interest are then further characterized by various in vitro and ex vivo assays. The detection of causative variant(s) in the gene will yield important insights into FOXO3A-mediated mechanisms of healthy longevity.

Involved PhD students: Nandini Badarinarayan, Liljana Gentschew and Carolin Knecht.

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Funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG (German Research Foundation).


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