"1,000x Faster Than PLINK" received Best Workshop Paper Award at ICCS 2018

June 20, 2018 - 09:00 to 18:00
Lars Wienbrand bekommt den Best Workshop Paper Award 2018


Lars Wienbrandt, Jan Kässens, Matthias Hübenthal and David Ellinghaus reveived the Best Workshop Paper Award 2018 at the renowned computer science conference ICCS in Wuxi, China, for their platform presentation of their paper "1,000x Faster Than PLINK: Genome-Wide Epistasis Detection with Logistic Regression Using Combined FPGA and GPU Accelerators“. The paper will finally be published in the Journal of Computational Science.

It describes their successful efforts to accelerate PLINK's GxG interaction and epistasis detection method on the IKMB hybrid FPGA-GPU platform. The International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS) is a popular CORE A-ranked annual conference in computer science bringing together scientists from mathematics, computer science as well as researchers from various application areas such as physics and bioinformatics, among others, who are pioneering computational methods in science. This year's location in Wuxi, China, had the special touch that Lars Wienbrandt was able to visit the Chinese supercomputer named Sunway TaihuLight, which is ranked number one in the TOP500 (top500.org) list as the fastest supercomputer in the world.