About us

Our Mission

Empowering physicians to direct therapies is a key commitment of the Institute. We believe that research in biomedicine should lead to new perspectives on disease processes and measurable advances for patients. Translation of the knowledge on genetic causations and markers to clinical decision-making algorithms is at the starting point for clinical use. We are pursuing questions on how genes, individual life history and environmental factors interact to cause disease.

We believe that only a combination of creativity, curiosity, collaborative spirit and expertise can foster an internationally visible research institution. Therefore, we aim to recruit and train excellent young scientists from different disciplines. We have developed an excellent infrastructure that allows them to choose their tools from a broad range of established cutting-edge technologies. Focusing on inflammatory diseases our approaches range from large-scale genome-wide association studies and whole genome sequencing to mechanistic studies and in vivo models. A special topic comprises studies on the genetic basis of longevity. The development of clinical strategies is nurtured through the Comprehensive Center for Inflammation Medicine CCIM, which drives interdisciplinary studies on innovative diagnostic and therapeutic principles with clinicians.