IKMB contributing to scientific public outreach with the Pint of Science initiative

September 23, 2021 - 15:00

Audience Lille Brauerei


Pint of Science (PoS) is a science communication and public outreach initiative born in 2012 in the UK, and by now present in more than 400 cities worldwide.

Through PoS events, scientists bring their research outside research institutions to more informal environments. The initiative landed in Kiel in 2020. For PoS Kiel 2021, for the first time an English speaking event was organized on the side of a German speaking one, setting two very special appointments in two iconic places of Kiel city, namely Lille Brauerei (07th September) and Studio Film Theater (14th September).

Employees of the Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology (IKMB) contributed as organizers as well as speakers for these initiatives. Dr. Elisa Rosati served as event manager and host of the English speaking event, the theme of which was “Learning from the past” as a counterpart for the German speaking event which was about “Improving the future”. In fact, Prof. Ben Krause-Kyora presented on his work on ancient DNA analysis in the context of plague pandemics, while Dr. Malte Rühlemann explained his complex results on microbial evolution in primates and humans and the potential benefit of these studies for human health.

The presentations led to very interesting questions and discussions from the audience, composed by more than 100 participants.

The events were kindly sponsored by the excellence cluster “Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation”, the Collaborative Research Center “Origin and function of metaorganisms”, and the Alumni und Freunde der CAU, together with several local businesses in Kiel which provided vouchers and coupons.

Pint of Science is only one of the science communications initiatives taking place in Kiel, together with Night of the Profs (19th November) and the European Researchers Night.

Elisa Rosati