IKMB scientists introduce the first highly automated open-kit/open-source HLA-typing method for NGS

March 26, 2015 - 13:15

Ande Franke, Michael Wittig and the team consisting of scientists from Kiel University, Oslo University Hospital and Muthesius Hochschule Kiel based their study completely on the use of open source software. All protocols are open access. This helps to reduce costs in comparison to commercial versions.

Using a NGS-based targeted HLA enrichment, genotyping yields highly confident HLA calls in a fully automated manner with only a few ambiguities. Data visualization and subsequent visual screening allows for manual correction of possible calling errors and further increases accuracy. A graphical user interface for the tool does the automated calling and manual verification. All analyses can be run on a regular desktop computer under the most common operating systems (Linux, Windows and Mac OS (coming soon).


publication in Nucleid Acids Research, 2015

interview on genomeweb.com

Laborjournal, 10/2015