KLS Postdoc award in the category medical research for Eva Ellinghaus

November 23, 2016 - 15:45
2016 wurden Dr. Eva Ellinghaus und Dr. Philipp Rausch mit den KLS-Postdoc Awards ausgezeichnet. Mit ihnen freute sich KLS-Sprecher Prof. Thomas Bosch (rechts). Foto: Christian Urban, Universität Kiel


The research focus “Kiel Life Science” (KLS) of the Kiel University (CAU) has for the first time assigned awards for the best junior scientists in “medical” and “non-medical research” during their annual meeting in November in Schleswig. The so-called “Kiel Life Science-Postdoc Award” in the category medical research was awarded to Dr. Eva Ellinghaus from the Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology for her research on a better understanding of the genetic causes of inflammatory diseases.

CAU president Prof. Lutz Kipp emphasized that excellent young scientists are the basis for the future of top level research at the CAU and that the KLS-Postdoc awards help to make the CAU internationally more attractive for highly qualified young scientists. The newly created scientific prizes will be from now on awarded every year as flagship for the promotion of young scientists by the KLS research focus.

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