Medical Interface Designer Kathrin Boersch serves as role model for women in digital industry

October 27, 2021 - 09:45
Women@Tech - Kathrin Boersch, copyright: DiWiSH

Women@Tech, Kathrin Boersch, Copyrigth: DiWiSH

IT and technology are for men only? The “Digitale Wirtschaft Schleswig-Holstein” (DiWiSH) wants to dispel this cliché once and for all and therefore launched the high-profile Women@Tech campaign on World Education Day, September 8. Its aim is not just to get more women interested in the digital industry. It makes the female side of the digital industry visible. The campaign’s focus: female role models in the digital industry.

Kathrin Boersch is a medical interface designer at the Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology (IKMB), founder and shareholder of the Kiel start-up Tricode UG and mother. She is ready to be one of the faces of the campaign, as she is convinced that the competence for her job is not depending on gender aspects and, that it is inspiring to  work in the interplay between technics and the people using the apps she sets up. For more information about her work and the Women@Tech campaign have a look at her profile.

“With our work group eHealth & mHealth we keep track of the new technologies to enrich clinical healthcare and research with new possibilities of treatment, diagnosis, study designs and collection of detailed and structured data”, says Andre Franke, head of the research group Genetics & Bioinformatics and one of the directors of the IKMB. “This is a growing field with high need for qualified specialists.”

"The 'Women@Tech' campaign is a powerful impulse into schools and educational institutions, into the executive floors and teams of companies and, last but not least, into the minds of people," say DiWiSH project manager Dr. Johannes Ripken and Women@DiWiSH section head and board member Regine Schlicht.