My visit to Moscow - exciting labwork and new cultural insights

April 21, 2017 - 14:15
Elisa Rosati in Moscow

Moscow (Russia) has some of the leading groups in the field of immune repertoire analysis. The peculiarity and extreme diversity of the immune repertoire makes it necessary to apply specific methods. The expertise of the Laboratory of Comparative and Functional Genomics of the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Science ranges from targeted wet lab techniques to software development and data analysis.

My visit this lab had the purpose of establishing a scientific collaboration between our group in Kiel and the group in Moscow, to jointly work on projects involving immune repertoire analysis. During the time I spent there, I learned, and applied on a small cohort of samples, the necessary methodologies to efficiently process samples for T-cell receptor repertoire sequencing. The methods I learned - under the supervision of Dr. Ilgar Mamedov - will be established here in Kiel and used for future projects.

We will continue to interact with Dr. Mamedov for the data analysis of the results obtained from the samples processed at his lab and we hope to have laid the foundations for a fruitful collaboration and exchange of ideas on projects of common interest.

In addition to the positive impact on my cultural baggage and personal network, this journey allowed me to directly learn from world’s leading experts in my field of study and optimize the study design of our future projects here in Kiel. Thanks to the Research Training Group RTG 1743 which provided financial support for this intense learning experience.

Elisa Rosati   Elisa Rosati, doctoral researcher in the Group Genetics & Bioinformatics