Mystery Corona Infection

April 29, 2022 - 10:30

Some people suffer from Corona immediately after having come in contact with the virus, others don’t get infected although having met with infected people. Researchers from the IKMB in Kiel, Prof. Dr. Petra Bacher and Prof. Dr. Andre Franke and from the Medizinische Hochschule in Hannover, Prof. Dr. Reinhold Förster and their teams, tried to find reasons for it, which could be:

  1. Vaccinated people have been infected but did not get aware of it as they did not have any symptoms.
  2. Genetic differences might be another reason, e.g. people with blood group zero seem to have a better protection against the Corona virus.
  3. Immune systems are quite individually. Depending on this they can fight the virus better or worse.
  4. The efficiency of the immune system changes during day time and personal fitness is one factor as well.


For more information see:

tv report of NDR2 on 28 April, 2022 (sorry in German only),

radio report BR2 (from minute 8:41, among others interview with Prof. Franke, sorry in German only) and

the publications in the profiles of the above mentioned researchers, for the entire IKMB see: IKMB publications about COVID-19.