CARD15 gene mutations in sarcoidosis.

M Schürmann, R Valentonyte, J Hampe, J Müller-Quernheim, E Schwinger, S Schreiber
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The European respiratory journal : official journal of the European Society for Clinical Respiratory Physiology
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Sarcoidosis, Blau syndrome and Crohn''s disease are complex disorders, characterised by granulomatous inflammation affecting a variety of organs. Mutations of the CARD15 gene, on chromosome 16, have been shown to contribute significantly to Crohn''s disease and to cause Blau syndrome. These factors prompted the current authors to study CARD15 mutations in sarcoidosis. A total of 138 families were genotyped, including 302 patients with sarcoidosis and 127 patients without a family history of sarcoidosis (together with their parents), for four main coding CARD15 polymorphisms associated with increased risk of Crohn''s disease. Furthermore, the gene segment that harbours Blau syndrome mutations was sequenced in 39 selected patients from 39 families with affected siblings identical for one or two parental chromosomes 16s and in eight patients from multi-case families. None of the reported Blau syndrome mutations and no new sequence alterations were found. There was an increased frequency of transmission of the rare allele of the polymorphic sites 802C>T (SNP5) and 2722G>C (SNP12) in at least one of the two study groups. In conclusion, CARD15 mutations, which are important in Crohn''s disease and Blau syndrome, play no major role in sarcoidosis in this study population. However, these mutations could be of limited importance, especially in patients without a family history of sarcoidosis.