Endoscopic injection of mitomycin adsorbed on carbon particles for advanced esophageal cancer: a pilot study.

M-A E Ortner, A A Taha, S Schreiber, J Wirth, J Weber-Eibl, H Ernst, H Lochs
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Patients with advanced, unresectable esophageal carcinoma have an extremely poor prognosis, with dysphagia being the major problem. The aim of this prospective pilot study was to evaluate the efficacy of local injections of mitomycin adsorbed onto activated carbon particles (MMC-CH) in advanced unresectable esophageal squamous-cell carcinoma. The primary outcome parameter was survival time; secondary parameters were dysphagia and quality of life.Ten consecutive patients with stage IV esophageal carcinoma (age: median 58, range 32 - 78), median tumor length 11 cm (range 5 - 15) received four weekly injections of 15 mg (10 ml) MMC-CH into the endoscopically visualized tumor, via a 5-mm sclerotherapy needle. The tumor stage, symptom score, and quality of life (measured using the Karnofsky index) were assessed before and after therapy and every 2 months thereafter.The median survival time after MMC-CH therapy was 16 weeks (95 % CI, 11.7 to 20.4). Dysphagia was reduced ( P < 0.001) in parallel with the reduction in the tumor mass ( r = 0.82, P = 0.01). The Karnofsky index ( P < 0.01) also improved after MMC-CH treatment. MMC-CH was well tolerated, and no side effects were observed.Endoluminal MMC-CH therapy appears to be an effective, inexpensive, and well-tolerated treatment for unresectable advanced squamous-cell esophageal carcinoma.