Genetic Architecture of Longevity



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Several of our projects have revolved around the confirmed longevity gene forkhead box 3 (FOXO3) and the apolipoprotein E (APOE) gene with its epsilon 4 'mortality' allele. Currently, our priority is on increasing the number of longevity variants, with a special focus on immune-relevant loci. Several genome- and exome-wide association studies in long-lived individuals (94-110 years) and younger controls (45-77 years) using microarray and sequencing technologies are ongoing. The overlay and integration of the genotype data with other layers of information (e.g. transcriptome and methylation data) allows us to create a high-resolution molecular map of longevity and age-related processes, which improves our understanding of gene expression and regulation in human longevity. 

In connection with these studies the book "100 Jahre Leben"  has been published by Andreas Labes and Stefan Schreiber; please refer to the gallery below for some photos taken by Andreas Labes.

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