Genetic Architecture of Longevity



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We have conducted two genome-wide association studies (GWAS) in long-lived individuals (94-110 years) and younger controls (45-77 years). One of these identified the APOE ε4 allele as the strongest factor influencing life and health span in humans. The other showed a new longevity-associated locus in the RAD50/IL13 region. Additional GWAS using various microarrays are ongoing. The projects are aimed at increasing the number of longevity-relevant variants and the obtained results may serve as a basis for functional studies.

Involved PhD students: Guillermo Torres.

Funded by: DFG Excellence Cluster "Inflammation at Interfaces", RESOLVE project FP7-HEALTH-F4-2008-202047 (2008-2013).


In connection with these studies the book "100 Jahre Leben"  has been published by Andreas Labes and Stefan Schreiber; please refer to the gallery below for some photos taken by Andreas Labes.

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