Functional genomics and single cell analysis

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The group employs state-of-the-art functional genomics technologies with an emerging focus on single cell-targeted assays. It has served as one of the nuclei for implementing the national sequencing infrastructure CCGA (Competence Centre for Genomic Analysis), which is located at the Institute. A transdisciplinary team conjoins expertise in transcriptomics (epi)genomics, single cell analysis, organoids, microbiome and integrative computational analysis. We hypothesize that networks of long-term deregulated gene expression play key roles in the manifestation and perpetuation of human disease. We develop and adapt technologies with a clear focus on nucleic acid-based methods to understand dynamic trajectories of individual patients and monitor the molecular perturbation during therapeutic intervention. Our vision is to utilize multiple genomic data spaces to understand the landscape of regulatory networks of inflammation-as a pivotal process in chronic diseases such as IBD, but also their implications for maintaining health.  

Many methods have been developed as a proof-of-principle for small sample numbers and large sample volumes or cell numbers. Application to human samples in clinical workflows requires improvements in input requirements costs, simplified protocols and increased robustness of the technology. We are dedicated to implementing disruptive genomic technologies to transform the practice of medicine. 


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