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The IKMB has comprehensive experience in using as well as developing a range of bioinformatics applications. As an associate member of the German Bioinformatics Network “de.NBI”, we are able to offer our expertise to interested users in the areas of genome-wide association studies (GWAS) as well as genome assembly and annotation of animal genomes. Our services include consultation and/or practical support to help you plan your project, define a realistic budget and time frame and execute it using state-of-the art tools and workflows. Together with our NGS and genotyping core facilities, we are even able to generate all the necessary data to provide true one-stop-shop solutions.  

For details concerning our service projects, please see the respective pages. For information on the German Bioinformatic Network and additional services available through its member institutions, please visit the de.NBI website at

Genome-wide association studies

Genome assembly and annotation