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Vorbereitung zur Konzentrationsmessung am Tecan Freedom ECO-Roboter

Standard Sample Preparations in our Laboratory

The IKMB DNA platform is a state-of-the-art laboratory that prepares DNA and RNA samples for high-throughput analyses (genotyping or sequencing) using lab robotics (e.g. Tecan Freedom Eco®, Agilent™, Bravo™). The high degree of automation ensures maximum accuracy, reproducible results and high quality. The platform is the primary entry site for new samples that arrive at the Institute. About 50 blood samples from new patients arrive every week for further processing. Using robotics DNA from more than 300 blood samples can be prepared in one week by the chemagic™ Prime™8, chemagic™360 instrument or QIAcube system (e.g. QIAcube Connect MDx). The chemagic™ Prime™8 offers fully automated DNA isolation from blood (up to 8 ml), DNA and RNA from smaller volumes (< 1ml) of of both blood and “buffy coats” - leukocyte concentrate of blood after gradient centrifugation - can be isolated by the other instruments.

The IKMB samples as well as samples from the popgen biobank are processed and stored in the central sample repository. To this end, the storage contains 4× 4°C fridges, 16× -20°C and 17× -80°C freezers. Our automated samples storages have a capacity of 1 million tubes for -20°C and 1.1 million tubes for -80°C. The lab also contains 3× walk-in sample storages: -20°C for DNA working samples (with a capacity of 10 freezers) and a -80°C storage for up to 1 million blood/serum samples. Our sample repository currently contains more than 300.000 DNA samples and a similar amount of blood samples. The IKMB closely collaborates with the popgen biobank and mutually shares resources (staff, equipment). We comply with the popgen and P2N standards for managing, processing, and storing biomaterials. Our lab welcomes external collaboration partners and provides the necessary infrastructure to exchange samples and associated data.

If you have any questions or if you are interested in such a cooperation please contact Rebekka Kraemer.

Regular platform meeting (online via MicrosoftTeams):
Bi-weekly Wednesdays at 08:25 AM (odd weeks only) for DNA laboratory, Genotyping, Microbiome laboratory and Sanger, 8:45 AM (odd weeks only) for "Next-Generation" Sequencing.
The meeting is open for collaborators who want to discuss or prioritize their ongoing projects at the IKMB. For registering a new project please contact the respective platform leader.