Recent Software

The bioinformatics group of the ICMB has developed several programs, which are available for free download. You can find further information about the projects in Bioinformatics at the IKMB under Research/Genetics & Bioinformatics and under Resources/Data Management & LIMS.

a data mining tool for large case-control copy number variation data sets

collects SNV data from of hundreds of samples with a special trait / phenotype and shares them with the research community

analysis tool to perform HLA calling with HiSeq2000/2500 and MiSeq data

Imputation Benchmarking
a comprehensive evaluation of SNP genotype imputation

is an open-source package of linux command line tools for validating next-generation sequencing loci (SNPs and loci of interest where no SNPs are known) and for comparative analyses using Fisher's exact test

a database-driven toolset to analyze and categorize SNV data e.g. from whole-exome / -genome sequencing

Transcriptome Analysis and Comparison Explorer

aims to reduce the computational requirements for the analysis of NGS data in two steps:
1) The sequencing reads are only mapped to potential regions of interest (e. g. exome).
2) After variant calling, a 'read-backmapping' step to the whole genome ensures that potentially wrongly  mapped reads are detected and/or removed.

an open-source package of Linux command line tools for the highly sensitive and specific detection of virus integrations into a host genome from Illumina paired-end whole genome or whole transcriptome data