Microbiome sequencing (16S & metagenomics)

Facts & Details: 

Sequencing of the 16S rRNA (gene) allows to investigate the microbiome profile of a specific habitat (“who is there”). We focus on the variable regions v1-v2, but sequencing of variable regions v3-v4 is currently being established. 16S sequencing is performed on the MiSeq and samples are mostly processed in pools of 384 samples. If you submit fewer samples, we will try to pool them with others, but this may then take longer.

In order to look for the whole microbial gene content (“who is there and what are they doing”), we offer metagenomic shotgun sequencing. Depending on the sequencing platform, metagenomes are mostly processed in pools of 10-16 samples.


Supported sequencers

16S sequencing:



Supported protocols

16S sequencing:

  • custom protocol for variable regions v1-v2
  • custom protocol for variable regions v3-v4



Sample specifications for all supported protocols

You can download the sequencing request for microbiome sequencing here.

Please send the filled sequencing request to c.bang [at] ikmb.uni-kiel.de.