Two Schleswig-Holstein Excellence Chairs for the IKMB

February 9, 2017 - 14:30

The Land of Schleswig-Holstein together with the Universities of Kiel and Lübeck and the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein awarded eight Schleswig-Holstein Excellence Chairs to top scientists doing research in the field of complex inflammatory diseases. Prof. Dr. Andre Franke and Prof. Dr. Philip Rosenstiel, directors and research group leaders at the IKMB, will receive additional funding of 150,000 € per year until 2023.

The two IKMB professors succeeded in a competition of 27 professors from the Cluster of Excellence Inflammation at Interfaces.

Prof. Andre Franke`s main focus is on the development and establishment of novel high-throughput technologies, the inherent bioinformatic integration and application of both to identify genetic and epigenetic causes of chronic inflammatory diseases.  

Prof. Philip Rosenstiel wants to contribute to an understanding of the complex interactions between human intestinal mucosa and the environment in health and disease.

Overall 300 experts are leading the different research groups within the Cluster of Excellence, which has a wide expertise in finding the pathways of chronic inflammatory diseases and thus developing therapies which meet the diverse challenges of these diseases. The Schleswig-Holstein Excellence Chairs are meant to promote the excellence of their research and, of course, to avoid that excellent professors accept offers of other universities. “Chronic inflammatory diseases such as inflammation of the gut or the skin show a growing incidence”, says Prof. Dr. Stefan Schreiber, Speaker of the Cluster of Excellence. “Meanwhile more than ten per cent of the European population suffer of inflammatory diseases.”


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Press release 09.02.2017, Kiel University