Cluster PMI promotes outstanding female researchers with a total of 200,000 euros



© S. Weimar/Cluster of Excellence PMI; The winners and laudators of the Dorothea Erxleben Researcher Awards 2023, from left: Prof. Gabriele Gillessen-Kaesbach, President of UzL; Prof. Silke Szymczak, UzL; Prof. Sabrina Jabs, CAU and UKSH; Prof. Silke Meiners, FZB and CAU; Prof. Simone Fulda, President of CAU

The Cluster of Excellence PMI has awarded three of its most exceptional female researchers in Lübeck, Borstel and Kiel the highly endowed Dorothea Erxleben Female Investigator Award.

The Cluster of Excellence “Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation” (PMI) awarded three Dorothea Erxleben Female Investigator Awards to outstanding female scientists conducting research on inflammation. This year’s award winners will receive funding of €100,000 for one award and €50,000 for two further awards. The award ceremony took place today (November 9, 2023) as part of the symposium “Sex and Gender Aspects in Precision Medicine” organized by the Cluster of Excellence PMI at the Atlantic Hotel in Kiel. President of Kiel University (CAU) Professor Simone Fulda and her colleague Professor Gabriele Gillessen-Kaesbach from the University of Lübeck (UzL) gave the awards to winners Prof. Silke Szymczak (UzL), Prof. Sabrina Jabs (CAU) and Prof. Silke Meiners (Research Center Borstel/CAU).

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