Clinician Scientist Program

The Clinician Scientist Academy Kiel was founded in 2019 and coordinates the curricula for researching physicians (clinician scientists) at the Faculty of Medicine at Kiel University (CAU). In agreement with the Schleswig-Holstein Medical Association (ÄKSH) and in cooperation with the clinics of the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) and other research institutions, it enables structured career paths for clinician scientists.

The goal: Recruiting young scientists!

The aim is to recruit young scientists for translational research and thus promote the integration of clinically relevant basic research with a view to patient care. The Clinician Scientist Academy carries out the recruitment, application and hiring processes for the various clinician scientist programs and support beginning and experienced clinician scientists on their individual career paths through further training opportunities. Furthermore, it promotes the interdisciplinary exchange of clinician scientists by organizing regional meetings such as research days and retreats.

Find all information on the possible curricula as a Clinician Scientist at the Faculty of Medicine Kiel.

If you have any questions about the Clinician Scientist Academy Kiel, please contact the coordinator, Dr. Kaya Saskia Andersen (

Clinician Scientist Program of the Cluster of Excellence Precision Medicine for Chronic Inflammatory Diseases (PMI)

The Cluster of Excellence Precision Medicine for Chronic Inflammatory Diseases (PMI) has set itself the goal of applying scientific advances from inflammation research to patients with chronic inflammatory diseases by making diagnoses faster and planning individualized therapies.

Scientific Focus

Research and clinical work focus on the early detection of chronic inflammatory diseases, particularly of the gut and skin, the prediction of disease progression and complications and the prediction of individual treatment response. All three approaches are to be further developed for successful patient treatment.

Together with Kiel University (CAU) and the University of Lübeck (UzL), the UKSH conducts cutting-edge international research. After two successful funding periods in the Excellence Initiative, the alliance in Schleswig-Holstein has globally recognized expertise, particularly in translational inflammation research.

Within the Excellence Strategy of the federal and state governments, the research association has once again prevailed in the competition for funding. Clinician scientists can conduct cutting-edge research here and transfer their findings to patient care. In addition to the further training program for acquiring cutting-edge skills, which is organized by the Clinician Scientist Academy Kiel, clinician scientists take part in Cluster Lectures as part of the Cluster of Excellence PMI program. This is a unique opportunity to meet renowned researchers from Germany and abroad in person and to exchange information about research results and future research projects in an uncomplicated way.

Participating Institutions

Faculty of Medicine of the CAU
Medical Section of the UzL
UKSH clinics in Kiel and Lübeck
Borstel Research Center
Lung Clinic Großhansdorf