Master’s Program Medical Life Science

The IKMB takes a leading role in the English-taught Master’s program Medical Life Sciences, which is hosted by the Medical Faculty of Kiel University.

Focusing on disease-related research, Medical Life Sciences (also called MedLife) trains students in groups of five to twenty in molecular biology, bioinformatics, clinical cell biology or statistics. IKMB scientists contribute to modules such as Inflammation, Evolutionary Medicine, Tracing Disease or Molecular Pathology, which connect directly to major topics investigated in IKMB research. Students learn how to write scientific publications and develop proposals, they talk to experts from the pharmaceutical industry about career prospects.

They work on current projects in research labs for their Master’s theses. It’s very much a real-time research experience for students with hands-on work and frequent exchanges with supervisors and faculty.

Most senior researchers of the Institute have been involved from the start in designing and teaching the program. They joined forces with many dedicated researchers and lecturers of the Medical Faculty, without whose input Medical Life Sciences would not be possible. Stefan Schreiber (IKMB directorate) has been a driving force as the MedLife program director in establishing the outline, Almut Nebel coordinates the program scientifically and teaches several modules, Philip Rosenstiel (IKMB directorate) trains students in the cell biology labs of his research group and is involved in various lectures, Andre Franke (IKMB directorate) and his team are major contributors to the bioinformatics side of MedLife.

More than 150 students have graduated so far and hold positions at research institutes, universities, diagnostic labs as well as in pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

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For more detailed information, please visit the Medical Life Sciences homepage.

Edna Hütten

Coordination Office Medical Life Sciences
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