Philip Rosenstiel
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Philip Rosenstiel

Director of IKMB, Group Leader of Systems Immunology

+49 431 / 500 - 15 105 or 15 106

Research Group

Research Interest

My main scientific interest is to contribute to an understanding of the complex interactions between human intestinal mucosa and the environment in health and disease. I started in the field by investigating functional effects of positional genetic signals in inflammatory bowel disease. A particular focus is on cellular pathways and networks of NOD-like receptors, autophagy and ER stress. We understand that in intestinal inflammation the human host, together with its associated gut microbiome must be regarded as a functional unit. Disease mechanisms can, therefore, only be described when taking both sides of this “metaorganism” into account. For our questions, we also develop novel tools and techniques using large-scale sequencing and bioinformatics to understand regulatory events and cellular/bacterial response profiles in model systems of chronic inflammatory diseases. I am a member of several large-scale sequencing consortia delineating the genomic and epigenomic architecture of human (inflammatory) diseases.

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