Almut Nebel

Almut Nebel

Group Leader of Genetics of Human Longevity

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Research Interest

I graduated as a biologist, majoring in human genetics and physical anthropology. Since my student days I have focused on research topics at the interface of these two disciplines. My main interests have been in disease and population genetics as well as in ancient DNA analysis. I spent eight years at various research institutions abroad (Dunedin, Jerusalem, Johannesburg). After my return to Germany in 2003 I continued my career as a Senior Scientist at Kiel University where I was appointed professor in 2008. In my research I primarily investigate  the molecular basis of longevity and the role of genetic variation in health and disease, with an emphasis on host-pathogen and human diet co-evolution processes.

Teaching Remit
Since 2012, I have been the scientific coordinator of the Master’s program for Medical Life Sciences. As a lecturer, I teach the modules on “Study Orientation”, “Scientific Writing” and the focus areaofHuman Ageing”, as well as contribute to various courses ranging fromCivilization Diseases” to “Molecular Biology” and “Evolutionary Medicine”.
Master’s programme Medical Life Sciences
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