Friederike Flachsbart

Friederike Flachsbart

Scientist / Junior Research Group until August 2017

Research Group

Research Interest

My main research focus is the identification and characterization of genetic susceptibility loci for human longevity. I am a trained biologist and have conducted several systematic high-throughput genetic/genomic studies that led to the validation of FOXO3A as a new human longevity gene. My current projects include whole genome, exome and transcriptome sequencing of centenarians to identify new susceptibility loci and pathways that contribute to lifespan variation.

Teaching Remit
Since 2012, I have been involved in the Master degree program on ‘Medical Life Sciences’, conducting lectures and practical courses (basics of molecular biology, ageing and project management). Furthermore, I contribute to the lecture for an “Wahlfach für Mediziner: Zivilisationskrankheiten im Zeitalter der genetischen Medizin” (elective subject for medical students: “Lifestyle diseases in the age of genetic medicine”) at the Medical Faculty of the CAU.

Selected Publications