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Florian Tran

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Systems Immunology


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Research Interest

Florian Tran

During my MD work at the IKMB, we were interested in the interaction of cellular stress responses in the intestinal epithelium with cytokine signals in the context of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

As a Clinician Scientist of the Cluster of Excellence “Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation”, I set out to unify my expertise in basic science with my background as a physician in training (internal medicine). My research scope therefore expands towards translational/clinical aspects of Precision Medicine in IBD.  The main scientific interests are:

  1. Selective autophagy processes as potential immune mechanisms in the intestinal epithelium
  2. Stem cell based disease models, e.g. tissue- and iPSC-derived intestinal organoid culturing systems
  3. Molecular characterization of rare/monogenic immune disorders (e.g. veoIBD)
  4. Molecular medicine-based therapy guidance in IBD (LINK:

The overall aim of my work is to understand IBD in as many aspects as possible to deliver novel therapy strategies in IBD (from bed to bench and back).

Dissertation 2019

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