Microbiome Analysis



Facts & Details: 

Several of the Institute's projects focus on the molecular analysis of complex microbial communities and their association with inflammatory and environmental diseases, especially of the human intestine.

The molecular techniques used for the description of microbiota are either based on marker genes, which allow taxonomic investigation on the species and subspecies level (e.g. 16S rRNA based phylogenomics) or use broader metagenomic methods to analyze the metabolic repertoire of respective biological states. The extraction methods and analysis tools are scalable, partly automated and used in experiments from just a few observation points to larger cohorts of thousands of patients.

Regular platform meeting:
Bi-weekly Wednesdays at 08:
25 AM (odd weeks only) for DNA laboratory, Genotyping, Microbiome laboratory and Sanger, 8:45 AM (odd weeks only) for "Next-Generation" Sequencing
ZMB, conference room 4th floor, Am Botanischen Garten 11, 24118 Kiel
The meeting is open for collaborators who want to discuss or prioritize their ongoing projects at the IKMB. For registering a new project please contact the respective platform leader.

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